What Online Dating Can Teach You About Finding Your Dream Wedding Cake

When Megan Norris of Hansel and Gretel cakes contacted us with the offer of a guest blog post, we knew it was going to be good, but we didn’t realise it would be THIS good! So today we have for you our newest, favourite cake blog post of all time. Prepare yourself for some profound wisdom bombs and LOL’s. 

What Online Dating Can Teach You About Ordering Your Wedding Cake

Congratulations on your engagement, you have found that special someone who has swept your feet off the dating scene. But you might want to reach back into that bag of first date coping mechanisms while you embark on the beautiful journey that is finding your cake maker.

For the last six years I’ve had the pleasure of making Wedding Cakes for the most fantastic couples but, I can’t ignore the parallels between finding the perfect cake maker and online dating. 

PARALLEL NUMBER ONE: It was the puppy in the photo that got you.

Let me set the scene, you are up late scrolling through your options online, you see a cake you love and hop on their website to find out more. Only to find out that no other cakes on their site really appeal to you. This is what I like to call the puppy dog effect. You see a guy online and think, “I like dachshunds, he has a dachshund, maybe this could work?” Yes, the puppy was cute, but does he have any other qualities you will enjoy? You need to like the whole package, much like finding a cake maker.

Each cake maker has a distinct style and this will come through in every cake they make. If you don’t think you’ll enjoy mountain climbing at 5am or watching cricket matches that last longer than 48 hours, you won’t be happy. Mountain climbing isn’t a bad thing, I hear it’s a good thing, but it’s just not what you enjoy. You can’t change a partner’s habits, and you can’t change a cake makers’ style. Make sure you like the whole package, not just the puppy.


PARALLEL NUMBER TWO: You just don’t gel. But honestly, there was too much gel in his hair.

Yes, well done. You have found a cake maker with a body of work you adore! You text your friends, send them photos and are over the moon with excitement. Just like how my friend sends me photos of her next date and I comment on how he looks like he has, “kind eyes”. (LOL!). It’s time. You are at the restaurant. He has just arrived and things start off well. But as the night progresses you realise the only gel that’s happening, is in his hair.

It’s important that you form a relationship with your cake maker. This is the person who will be making the most important cake you will ever order. You need to feel confident that they will provide you with exactly what you want and you can rely on them to deliver when it’s needed. It’s ok if you just don’t feel it when you meet a prospective cake maker. You thank them for their time and move on with your search, for both love and cake.

PARALLEL NUMBER THREE: It’s time to delete the app, you’ve found the one.

He prefers sports that are restricted to a single evening and thinks hiking selfies are a waste of a good sleep in. Best yet, his hair is too perfect to ever require gel. Just like finding your dream boat, you have also found your cake maker. You have found the cake maker that you are happy with, you love their business style and you can’t wait for your guests to eat what you’ve lovingly picked out. It’s time to pay a deposit and check the cake off the list! Trust that feeling in your gut, it’s how you found your partner after all!

Finding your cake maker should be a big deal and your cake maker understands that you are making an important decision by picking them. Have all your concerns been met? If it’s important to you, have you tried the cake before you order it? I will let that fantastic dating comparison slide by… Do their cakes look stable, strong and level when they are stacked?  Have they worked with your other vendors before? If any of these are concerns for you, voice them! Your cake maker will be happy to answer them for you.

Enjoy this time, and have fun with the planning of your wedding! When else in your life are you encouraged to try eight different types of cake in one sitting?

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