Minimal Stress Wedding Services on the Sunshine Coast

When we had planned our wedding we wish we had met these ladies and used their services.

Wild Heart Weddings would have made our wedding planning a breeze whilst we were both working full time and our lovely and supportive parents ran around checking out venues, caterers etc etc for us (you know the long list of wedding preparations and things to do that doesn’t seem to end). Bless their souls.

Emma from Wild Heart Weddings has all the information you need for a well run, organised and minimal stress wedding on the Sunshine Coast. She knows things about the coast and it’s suppliers that will save you many hours of searching on your own.

We also had quite a few nieces and nephews attend our wedding. Coming from a family of 5 and my husband from a family of 7. The children did their best to entertain themselves with the ribbons off the favour boxes and guessing what colour clinker they were going to get next. Miss Poppins Nanny & Babysitting Agency would have made the wedding a big hit with the kids and our family from the stress of keeping the kiddies entertained.

These services are so unique and they LOVE what they do. Like really LOVE it.

Here’s a little insight in pictures from The Wedding Fair so you can see a little bit behind the scenes of who they are and what they do with thanks to When Elephant Met Zebra.



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