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A Darling Affair’s events are not just for the ladies. We have husbands that come to our events and help out behind the scenes so we know that we have to keep them entertained too, otherwise they would be bored. With this in mind our fairs are anything but boring for the male kind.

We cater for the grooms needs and look for vendors who they can relate to and can provide them with a unique service. We are so pleased to bring them quality suits and accessories created by our vendors. It is an investment that they can use over and over again at different events and parties they attend after you both tie the knot.


Urbbana self

Sam the creative director and owner of Urbbana (pictured in the centre) is just wonderful. We have worked with him on all of our fashion parades and photo shoots since A Darling Affair was launched. His suits and how he puts them together never ceases to amaze us.

This is a man who can dress you for success and knows what he is talking about.

Urbbana’s tagline is: ‘URBBANA is an expression of luxury, a brand that bases its reputation on excellence and quality of all products from the elegant fabrics to exceptional stitching’.

urbbana modelsUrbbana 3


wood & beau 1.1

What do you get when you couple a creative fashionista with a second generation barber? Something incredible, that’s what.

Wood&Beau is a Gold Coast based brand created by Nicoletta Sagripanti & her husband Joey D’Adderio. Inspired by their European background and sleek dapper styling. Wood&Beau is about being stylish and individual.  They create handmade wooden bow ties.

Each piece is created with passion and pride with additions to the collection regularly.

wood & Beau 1wood 1





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