A Darling Affair’s humble beginnings came with a passion for handmade local arts and crafts. We are avid supporters of hard work and love for a person’s craft in the wedding industry. These two wedding vendors have these qualities overflowing from their very soul.

One of us in the ADA team has a sense of awe when it comes to jewellery making. Have you ever made a piece of jewellery from scratch? Have you visited a jeweller’s workshop? Well you are in for a treat on Friday night when you meet these adorable women at the Gold Coast Wedding Festival.

You will know that every piece that they have made has been touched by the creator’s hand when you put it on. These women craft custom pieces for your wedding day to make you feel extra special, to make you feel like a woman in all her glory.


frankly team

Australian duo Samantha Martin and Amber-Jade Scherrenberg’s Frankly My Dear Store has made their mark on the Australian jewellery scene with a love and friendship that has allowed the brand to flourish in the most intimate of ways.

Frankie was born in 2012, sparking not only an indescribable amount of joy in the founder of Frankly My Dear, Samantha Martin, but also, inspiration. Sammi found a synergy of creativity, style along with her love of working with her hands that has consistently transcended through each unique piece.

Amber-Jade Scherrenberg stood alongside Sammi on her wedding day and she continues to stand by her with an incredible talent for developing business’. A Bond University graduate, Amber has joined forces with her dear friend of eight years and former co-worker to continue to create quality and most importantly, memorable statement pieces.

Stemming from an insatiable desire to make every woman feel beautiful, each Frankly My Dear piece is hand made with integrity, love and a bohemian influence that are affordable, unique and above all a reflection of pure friendship.

frankly my dear 1 frankly my dear 2frankly my dear 3frankl;y my dear 4



meekz wedding bands

Jemica, from Meekz Contemporary Jewellery has always been passionate about art and design. She studied fine art and trained to become a qualified jeweller. Relocating to the country to be with family, Jemica found home and was able to transform an old horse stable into her studio and pursue her jewellery full time.

Meekz Contemporary Jewellery offers a range of handmade recycled jewellery that is ethically responsible and follow environmentally friendly practices. Inspired by fashion design, costume jewellery and urban geometric form, Jemica creates custom pieces that can be individually personalised to suit your needs.

Jemica also provides a unique experience by holding a  one on one masterclass for couples. Why not begin your new journey together and create each other’s unique wedding band. Now that is so beautiful!

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