Lyndal Carmichael’s love for photography started young. Fumbling around with old film cameras during art class in high school ignited her thrill for taking photos. Not long after, she set up her business and at seventeen booked in her first wedding shoot (umm…WOW!) After completing her BFA in Visual Arts, she soon discovered that her part-time hobby would turn into a successful full-time career.

Being a newly-wed herself, Lyndal knows how important it is to catch those candid moments and bring real emotion to her images. Lyndal Carmichael Photography aims to insure that couples can look back at their photos, not just seeing what the day looked like, but feeling the emotions all over again.

Taking photos of weddings for over eight years, Lyndal is now joined by her talented Husband Jaydee.  With Lyndal being front and centre, she focuses on getting all the key shots, wrangling family members and (most importantly) helping the Bride. Jaydee is the king of candid and photographs all the little moments that a couple may have missed. Working together allows them to make sure that couples get every detail preserved. With the option of having Lyndal and Jaydee for the full day, these partners in crime ensure to capture your whole wedding experience. From Bride and Groom preparations, right through to guests busting a move on the dance floor!

Besides having creativity and skill, Lyndal believes that the connection that you make with people can make or break an image and knows how important it is for couples to feel comfortable to laugh or even cry with her.

Be sure to come and meet the team from Lyndal Carmichael Photography at our next Brisbane Wedding Festival being held on Janurary 30th, 2016. Until then, you can find them on Facebook or visit their website for more details.

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