Love Note was born out of the need for something different.

When a close friend asked Ange to sing at her wedding, she wanted to suprise her with something a little out of the ordinary. Unable to find a song that perfectly captured who they were or the awesomeness of their relationship, she decided that she needed to write the words herself. Not only surprising them with their very own original song on their wedding day, she also recorded the track for them to keep forever. (Is it just us, or does Ange sound like the coolest friend ever???)

Dan and Ange are Love Note Music, a Sunshine Coast based, acoustic live music duo who specialise in creating the perfect mood for your Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or destination wedding. Whether it’s performing acoustic covers with a unique twist for your ceremony, cruisy afternoon sets for canapé or cocktail hour, relaxed music or getting the party started at your reception, Love Note make sure that every moment of your day is accompanied by a great vibe.

Running since 2010, they offer a unique service creating original arrangements of your chosen ceremony songs, or if you want something completely different, original wedding songs written especially for you! Composed from your story and recorded for a keepsake, a little memento of your day you can keep forever.

You won’t want to miss meeting (and hearing) this awesome duo at our next Brisbane Wedding Festival held on January 30th, 2016. Until then, visit them on Facebook or their website for more information.

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