The team behind AVideas basically came and swept us off our feet when we first met them. We found our perfect match when it comes to putting on a wedding festival of this extravagant size. The end result is going to be amazing with them by our sides.

AVideas will put on a dazzling show of gorgeous lighting through out the festivals different areas on January 30, at The Brisbane Racing Club.

AVIdeas are a talented bunch of people and their expertise goes far beyond pretty lights. From complete theme styling to spectacular lighting and sharp sound production, you can be confident that your wedding will enjoy an atmosphere, ambience and aura that will not be forgotten.

They really do listen to you and take the time to discover your unique personal desires and style. We can hands down say that this statement is true. The ADA team are like kids in a candy shop with what they are going to do for the festival.

Their slogan is: ‘If you can dream it, we can achieve it’

With 15 years of event and corporate tucked in their belt you won’t be disappointed. Scouts honour.

Contact AVIdeas to have your wedding day dreams come to life!



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