Late comers pull a rabbit out of the hat!

Behind the scenes at A Darling Affair HQ our vendors on our mile long wait list might just receive an email saying at the last minute: “Your in!”

Planning an event sometimes there are things that happen to our vendors that are out of their control. For example, sickness, family stuff to sort out. Hey we’re all human and things happen even to the ADA team…(Carrie wasn’t even at The Wedding Festival herself!) So we are completely understanding and take this into consideration.

Now all that messy behind the scenes side, a part that you never see as the show must go on.We’d like to introduce you to two vendors who stepped up to the plate with flying colours. And boy did they put on a show for our lovely guests.

Birds of A Feather – Letterpress Co.

The Birds of a Feather Team work closely with you so you get what you want. They encourage you to bring in those samples, magazine clippings, sketches and Pins you’ve been obsessing over. They will bring your obsession to life and don’t worry they won’t think your crazy because they share that same passion for stationery just like you!

They just love their big machinery and the vintage letterpress graces their studio.  Letterpress is a printing method where ink is literally pressed into paper using a heavy press. So if the grooms want a heavy machine to be involved in their stationery then Birds of A Feather Letterpress Co is the perfect match for you!

birds of a feather print birds wedding stationery


GC Flowers +

Krishna and her team from GC Flowers +, are hands down awesome. They are up for a challenge and are in for the action. This is professionalism at it’s highest level.

During her son and daughters wedding in 2013 Krishna saw a neach for affordable, unique supplies for special events.  Her team of floral designers have over 30 years combined industry experience, having won awards for their floral designs. We were so lucky to have such a cheery team come on board for the A Darling Affair at The Wedding Festival!

gc flowers bridesmaids

Be sure to check out their websites! They’d love for you to stop by:


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