Juddric Photography


We love Juddric Photogaphy! Judd has been a long time supporter of A Darling Affair and we always love having him as part our wedding fair lineup!

As a kid, Judd would save up his pocket money to buy film to put in his Mum’s camera, then save up again to get the film developed. They were mainly photo’s of his cat, but you gotta start somewhere, right?! His love for photography was evident to everyone around him and eventually it got to the point where a friend asked him to do the photography for their wedding. Lucky for us, the rest is history!

A self-described non traditional wedding photographer, Judd specialises in full day wedding coverage. He’s all about letting the day unfold naturally and capturing every crazy, fun, heartfelt moment that the celebration brings.

Judd is a master at fitting in with the wedding guests and always get’s a kick out being asked how he knows the couple.  When other guests think that your wedding photographer is already a friend of the bride and groom, you know you’re on to a winner!

Come meet Judd for yourself at the next Sunshine Coast Wedding Fair, and head to his website or Facebook page to see more of his awesome work.


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