Every girl dreams of having beautiful photos of her wedding day and Jo Bartholomew can make all those dreams come true.

A lovely English lass, now residing in Brisbane, Jo’s love for photography started after her move here to Australia. With a desire to document her new home and adventures, her darling Husband surprised her with her first camera and photography lessons. Starting with portraits and working on to weddings, Jo’s love of photography has continued to grow and you can see that in her work.

Entering the wedding industry in 2010, Jo has continued to go from strength to strength, with the opportunity to photograph events all over Australia and as well as internationally.

Shooting her images in a candid, documentary style, she is passionate about taking photographs that tell the authentic story of your wedding day.  Jo brings her friendly, creative personality into her business, both in the way that she shoots and also in the easy, unobtrusive way that she interacts with couples.

To see more images of her work, you can find her on Facebook or visit her website.


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