The original Jessie Dains was a shy, lovely woman who taught those around her the importance of love, family and friends. So when Josh and Shannon were searching for the perfect name for their new business, it was only natural for them to name it after Shannon’s late Grandmother Jessie.

Being in operation since 2013, they aim to think differently. The quote “One day forever”, has become synonymous with their business. Knowing that your wedding is only going to happen once in your lifetime and that your day will live on forever through their photographs, they strive to make your experience as magical as possible.

With a wealth of know-how between them, you will fall in love with this dynamic team. Josh has 10 years of photography experience and has shot over 800 amazing weddings to date. He is a people person and really takes the time to understand what is important to you on your special day. He has a magical way of making the most quiet or shy person in the room shine through the lens. With his charm and witty banter, he brings out the best in people.

Shannon will be your main point of contact with Jessie Dains. Highly organised, personable and fun, she is Producer/Second shooter, ensuring that throughout the process you have everything you need. Balancing out the team, she is the Ying to Josh’s Yang.

We are so delighted that Jessie Dains Photography will be joining us at our next Brisbane Wedding Festival held on January 30th, 2016. For more information on this amazing business and to read the story of the original Jessie, visit their website or find them on Facebook.

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