Jennifer Gifford makes the kind of gowns that make your heart skip a beat.

Launching in 2009, she had previously worked for other bridal designers in Brisbane before taking the plunge and setting out on her own.

A mix of old-school design and a modern approach sets Jennifer apart from the pack. With designs that appeal to clients looking for a classic silhouette with a modern twist, she brings personality and uniqueness to her work through use of unusual fabrics, colour and prints.

Jennifer works closely with each bride personally, creating a gown that suits and fits her clients to perfection. Having a wedding gown made by her is more than just fittings and appointments. It’s about experiences and memories created with your loved ones that will last a lifetime.

Jennifer’s designs are beyond gorgeous and we are so happy that she will be joining us at our next Brisbane Wedding Festival being held on January 30th, 2016. Hosted by the Brisbane Racing Club, it’s a must for all brides to be. Until then visit Jennifer on Facebook or her website to see more of her amazing work.

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