Introducing our STATIONERS!



In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do?

I’m a Designer, Illustrator & Tote Creator!

What is it about weddings that you love so much?

The celebration of Love! It is truly one of the happiest and special days that a couple will experience together and to share it with your most favourite people in the world makes it even more special!

What do you do in your free time?

I draw, brainstorm new ideas for my collections, and try to get to a beach & blog. I have a Fiji Destination Wedding Blog called Bula Bride.




In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do?

Maytide creates embossed and foiled boutique wedding and event stationery catering for those special few who appreciate the sophistication of simplicity and the value of individuality and personal style. Everything by Maytide is absolutely 100% sustainably produced using recycled materials and handmade processes.

As for me a bit about me. I love pink things, silly old songs, Melbourne, grapes, French films, flower s, soft kitty cats, gold, silver, les bon vivant, blah, blah, blah, all shades of white, electro folk music, neon lights, knitted things, déjà vu, clumsy people, P O P C O R N, and Julien to name just a few!

What do you do in your free time?

Eat fish and chips with my husband, trawl second hand markets, with my husband trailing behind holding the bags, and get as many hugs as I can from my husband.


If you were a colour, which colour would you be, and why?

White. I’m trying to be pure…HA! I would also like to be holographic silver sparkle a little bit at the moment.

No really, I love all shades of white. I guess being a stationery artist, I get to use lots of colour, and so I get my satisfaction in white. The different natural whites you find in nature especially thrill me. ie. Snow, cotton balls, recycled papers, flowers and things like that.

For some reason, everyone buys me pink things…I guess I secretly like it too, but I can’t really say I like pink, or LITERALLY my entire apartment will be like a pink elephant…eeeked all over the place.


Gemma Lauren


What is it about weddings that you love so much?

The creative individuality that you see in each different couple and of course 2 people head over heels for each other

What is the most unique thing you’ve seen at a wedding?

Maybe not the most unique thing but it was very sweet… we attended a friend’s wedding by the lake, as their guest book they had all the guests sign an old fashion paddle that belonged to his grandparents. Now that paddle is hung proudly on their wall with their wedding photos and a ton of beautiful memories.

If you were a colour, which colour would you be, and why?

White (I know it’s not really colour) its peaceful, fresh, clean and inspiring a blank canvas


With Love SD


In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do?

WITHLOVE stationery & design specialise in ready-made and custom wedding invitations and stationery, along with a brand new range of stationery products for all those paper extras you might need for the big day – think recycled timber stamps, foiled thank you cards, favour tags, engagement invites and much more. I’m the kinda gal that gets waaaayyyy too excited about paper stocks and I’m a lover of typography and design in general.

What is it about weddings that you love so much?

I’ve always loved weddings, but it was through planning my own wedding that I became hooked. As a graphic designer by day, I needed something to fulfil my desire to create beautiful things and so WITHLOVE was born. It’s so nice to be a part of such a happy celebration – I love meeting engaged couples who are just beaming about what lies ahead.

What do you do in your free time?

When I’m not designing stationery for my amazing couples or dreaming up products for my new stationery range, you’ll find me deeply engrossed in a design or wedding magazine/blog, or chilling with the husband. I also love to indulge in a relaxing bubble bath with my favourite candle, enjoy a G&T and long girly chats with my BFFs, brunch (I can’t express how much I love coffee and brunch!), and hanging out with my puppies, a beagle named Herman (Merman) and a lab x retriever, Kumar.


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