In the Booth 8

In The Booth quite literally  started with a blank piece of paper and a pencil. The idea began out of a need to design a booth that encompassed the retro style and inexplicable joy of a 1950’s arcade photo booth, while still having all the quality and benefits of modern imagery. Not only have they designed a booth that looks stunning in any venue, it also captures gorgeous three quarter length pictures to ensure not a single detail is missed.

With an amazing team of helpers, the guys at In The Booth go above and beyond for every single client and guest. Launching in 2009, In The Booth have attended over 8000 event and have seen it all. This quick thinking team have endless Plan-B’s up their sleeve to save the day from any last minute mishaps. Their focus is to maximise on detail and minimise on stress. Perfect!

In The Booth in now Australia’s leading photo booth franchise with offices all over the country. While they are constantly developing new product to meet the changing needs of their clients and their industry, the iconic booths have remained identical to that very first sketch on that piece of paper.

Come and meet the In The Booth team at the next Brisbane Wedding Festival. Held on January 30th, 2016, the countdown is on!

Until then, to find out more about this awesome business, visit In The Booth on their website or Facebook page.

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