Hessian printed table cloths – Inspired by Socially Circled

Project: Hessian Printed Table Cloth

From: Socially Circled

DIY Doer: Carrie

A month before our fair I was asked to do a table set-up/display for a women’s healthy eating day. It was about getting back to basics. I love simple things. So I love, love, loved being asked to do this.

I have a sewing machine but do not know how to sew (my mum was a fashion designer, one day we’ll sit down and she can teach me). So I found this lovely gem of a project! Cutting and printing. Just what I like…simple yet effective.

What you need: 

So, sourcing the products: Bunnings for the hessian (they sell it on big rolls with different weaves), and a newsagent or post office for the lettering stencil. Then grab your permanent marker and a pair of scissors.

I chopped up the stencil..not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing….to help with spacing. Then with my trusty marker went for it, the whole while with my mouth salivating.
mmmmm…cranberries, dark choc, almonds………..

Here is the finished product.

Some more lovely pictures from the day.

Result: Success!

Difficulty: Simple

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