Gorgeous Handcrafted Masterpieces

Wishling & Co

Wishling & Co sprung from a life long passion for graphic design and a love for creating stunning parties for her children. Her aim was always to knock guests socks off with visual masterpieces and as a perfectionist at heart, detail is owner Tanya’s speciality.

Creating the most gorgeous laser cut custom-made cake toppers and special occasion pieces from acrylic and wood, Wishling & Co’s creative possibilities are endless.

Every piece created is one of a kind and is lovingly crafted with a whole lot of love, time and attention to detail.

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Gorgeous flowers that never wilt, yes they most definitely do exist and they’ll be on show at The Gold Coast Wedding Festival! Hanging Pretty create custom handmade prettiness for weddings, photo-shoots, fairs, boutiques and children’s rooms.

Although their range is limitless Hanging Pretty are well known for their custom handmade paper flowers, designer garlands, paper chandeliers and backdrops. 

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