The Photobooths at A Darling Affair

It’s an understatement to say that we LOVE photo booths! They brought such a happy vibe to The Wedding Fair on the Sunshine Coast.

To run a photo booth company you need to have some cool props, awesome backgrounds and be a totally rad person yourself so that if the wedding guests are a little shy you can help shake their nerves and show them a few poses to help get them started.

All our photo booth companies at The Wedding Fair have different booths which makes them unique. Here’s the behind the scenes sneak peak photos from When Elephant Met Zebra from of their set ups and our guests having fun in them!

In order The Photobooth Guys, When Elephant Met Zebra and Caravan of Smiles.


ADASC2014-117 ADASC2014-121 ADASC2014-118 ADASC2014-115

ADASC2014-008 ADASC2014-006 ADASC2014-009 ADASC2014-010 ADASC2014-018 ADASC2014-020

ADASC2014-537 ADASC2014-538 ADASC2014-539 ADASC2014-543

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