Everybody knows that a festival ain’t a festival without amazing food trucks!

And the Brisbane Wedding Festival had some of the most mouthwatering dishes in Brisbane. From delicious ice cream, taste bud tingling Italian street food and the kind of pizza that makes you drool just thinking about it, these were just a few of the fantastic food vendors to join us.



Ruby1 Ruby sideshot WeddingKatieJasonKatie, Jason 2015

Being the only ice cream van of her kind in Queensland, and possibly in all of Australia, Ruby the Little Red Ice Cream Van is a unique and delightful treat that is sure to light up each and every guest. With character and personality, Ruby has been popular at post wedding ceremony intervals, engagements and at Brisbane’s top food truck gatherings.

Bringing joy to the wedding parties of Brisbane, Ruby also provides unique photo opportunities for Brides, Grooms and Bridal parties, as well as dessert options for post ceremony gatherings and receptions.



mangiamangia112246701_1518670458445404_1718428298904713616_n MangiaMangiaHigh Res-09755 MangiaMangiaHigh Res-09808

BeniaminoBeni, Fuse and Samantha, Sammy, Cochrane get excited by many things — travel and adventure, friends, good times and great hospitality But above all, they love to eat!  The pair first met at Brisbane institute Beccofino, where both have spent considerable time honing their skills, Beni in the kitchen and Samantha as a jack-of-all trades, front-of-house extrodinaire.

Sharing a love food that is humble, simple and yet delicious, Mangia Mangia use only the best and freshest ingredients. Beni’s home town classic, Panzerotti, is a favourite – soft dough, filled with home made napoli sauce and torn, soft mozzarella, folded, fried and eaten by hand. Just the way it should be.



pizzantica1 pizzantica211705472_443405939200810_2378141856011790840_o MARG_03Pizzantica-Bmag

Seriously, who doesn’t love pizza??? Pizzantica believe that memorable occasions come from sharing a fantastic meal with your friends and family. Bringing together mouth watering restaurant style pizza and dedicated catering, the cherry on top is their funky VW Kombi Van, mounted with a ferrari-red pizza oven. Pizzantica’s food is prepared and served in the traditional napoli way by their talented Italian pizzaiolo.

The brainchild of owner/chef Luca Ferone, Pizzantica is all about quality, service and convenience. The Pizzantica Van was designed to bring customers restaurant quality Italian cuisine and service to any type of special occasion.


Event images thanks to Rob and Lizzie

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