Food glorious food at The Wedding Fair!!


Not only will your eyes be filled with goodness but also you bellies. We have some of the yummiest and unique tastes in town at The Wedding Fair July 19 so you can have a spot of lunch with us.

A gorgeous delightful picnic lunch, fun mouth watering ice blocks in the winter sun and some warm drinks to warm you up afterwards. Don’t forget to bring your penny’s – no atm on site.

Here are our awesome foodies to tell you all about what they produce:





How was Frozen Sunshine born?

Frozen Sunshine is the lovechild of a chef (Jamie) and a product designer (Natalie). We take the best local and seasonal ingredients and turn them into delicious iceblocks. We love dreaming up new flavours based on desserts, cocktails and happy memories.

What is your favourite thing about weddings?

Our favourite thing is to do at weddings is hitting the dance floor and mingling. It’s definitely the place where you really feel the love!

If you a colour, what would you be and why?

If Frozen Sunshine were a colour it would have to be yellow, because of the colour of sunshine, happiness, fun and creativity.

Naja - The Curious Caravan


In a nutshell, tell us about you and your caravan…

I’m Naja, a vintage-lovin’ gal. I’ve combined my love of coffee and vintage in converting my 1957 ‘Peggy Sue’ into a luxury organic fair trade coffee, tea and treats van with vintage styling. I transport her to markets, events and parties in Brisbane and beyond. She’s perfect for hire as a whimsical photo booth, for photo shoots and a coffee fix for you guests of course.

What is the most unique thing you’ve seen at weddings?

I’ve seen some fantastic ideas such as using a vintage type writer for the guests to write messages on to the bride and groom. Very vintage!

love my food photo


Tell us about your food glorious food!…

I create interactive food, made to share for relaxed, fun weddings or gatherings. All the food in my picnic crates are made by me and are original recipes.

I also started the first picnic restaurant in the world where we only take bookings for underneath tree’s and eye masks are provided for afternoon naps.

What is it about weddings that you love so much?

I love people sharing food, and every time is see the guests faces when they receive their picnic crate, it’s like Christmas! My business started when i catered for my own wedding and shared my love of picnics and now i get to enjoy sharing it with more and more fun brides.

The most amazing thing you’ve seen at a wedding?

At one wedding i catered for, the groom delivered the ring via a falcon that flew down and landed on the brides hand and she had no idea it was planned!

Bring your penny’s along to the fair (no atm located on site) and have lunch with us!

Yum! Yum! Get on over to their websites in the mean time:

Frozen Sunshine  /  The Curious Caravan  /  Love My Food





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