Beautiful flowers can transform any wedding and these amazing florists are the queens of their craft.

With expert skills and talent practically oozing out of their pores, this amazing group will turn anyone into a true romantic when they spy their breathtaking arrangements.

Just a few of the amazing floral stylists on show at the last Brisbane Wedding Festival, these ladies know flowers!



madame_bloom2madame_bloom1 madame_bloom3

With years of experience working as a visual merchandiser, Shannon knew that it was time to make a leap to her true calling. Training and gaining work experience in bustling Melbourne, it wasn’t long before Shannon brought her talents to sunny Brisbane. After a few years and lots of weddings in this climate, she is a pro at knowing of whats going to last and what won’t.

A one woman show, Shannon’s love of flowers knows no bounds! Each Madame Bloom order is lovingly considered and personally customised to suit both budget and style.



primula1 primula2 primula3

If you looked up Flower Power in the dictionary, you’d find a big picture of Primula Floral Styling underneath. The floral arrangements that Eliza is able to create is nothing short of breathtaking.

Primula grew from her love of all things romantic, loose and wild and she found weddings to be the perfect occasion to celebrate the inherent beauty of flowers.

Since entering the wedding industry in 2012, Primula have become dedicated to sourcing flowers and botanicals that truly stand out in a crowd. Whether it’s bringing you Victorian garden roses loaded with a scent that will make your heart skip a beat, or foraging locally for lush, sprawling foliage that mimic our wild surrounds, Primula designs feature the kind of botanical curiosities that will have you (and your guests) leaning in for a closer look.


bouquet_boutique1 bouquet_boutique3bouquet_boutique2 bouquet_boutique4

One of Brisbane’s most sought after florists for wedding flowers, the Bouquet Boutique team are known for creating concepts that are on-trend and tailored to the bride’s vision.

Headed by creative director Geraldine Hore, a floristry design expert and educator who has impeccable taste and an eye for design. With more than a decade experience in the florist industry, Geraldine’s expertise spans native flower cultivation and export, to floristry design. She combines her greatest passions – creativity, nature and interior design- to produce outstanding floral visions that are at the forefront of fashionable floristry.


Event images thanks to Rob and Lizzie

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