Florists at A Darling Affair

If you were at our recent Sunshine Coast Fair then you would have noticed that beautiful fresh scent wafting through the chapel, the hall and the marquee.  You can thank our incredibly talented florists for creating that gorgeous smelling atmosphere on the day.  These guys are up before the sun most days at flower markets selecting the best of the best to make sure their Brides are receiving top quality flowers and a big bang for their buck.  Personally speaking, flowers were my big splurge for our wedding… I justified that by telling my husband-to-be that this would be our only wedding and the one day of my life that I am allowed to go a bit berserk with flowers, it was my one chance to fill our entire house for the week following with amazing, beautiful smelling flowers that made me happy every time I looked at them.  It worked and I got to fill up our wedding (and house) with flowers. I can still remember the smell.

If you need a florist then PLEASE just book one of these guys.  You will be amazed with their creative flair and attention to detail.  We love them and we know you will too.

Thanks again to When Elephant Met Zebra for these beautiful images of Styling Hue, Willow Bud and Twig & Grace.




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