Five Photographers You Need To Know

Here at ADA we are blessed with a copious amount of talented photographers that we are surrounded by, so selecting out only 5 for today’s post was actually really difficult! Choosing the right photographer is something couples tell us all the time that they struggle with. So today we have made it much easier for you by throwing the spotlight on 5 photographers you need to know about! 

  1. Florido Weddings

Florido Wedding’s photography is featured on most of our new directory imagery and their bright colourful photography speaks for itself. Run by two friends, Callie & Andre, these guys bring the party vibes to keep the day as light and stress free as possible. They are experienced photographers and have pretty much seen it all, so you can be assured you’re in safe hands.

You can say hi to them here on Insta.

2. Juddric Photography

We have known Judd for a long time now, and worked with him on countless shoots. He is know for his natural photography style and ability to get people to be themselves in front of the camera. He covers your wedding day from start to finish so that you can kick back and enjoy every minute.

You can say hello to Judd here on Insta.

3. Life Is Beautiful Photography

Just one wander across Miriam Ackroyd’s website and photography will have you in awe of her work. Her imagery is so beautiful and really captures the soul of her Brides and Grooms. You will feel like you have been taken along a visual storytelling feast as you peruse her imagery.

You can make friends with Miriam here in Insta.

4. Cassandra Ladru

With an eye for the details and a beautiful fashion aesthetic, Cassandra is best known for her honest and timeless photography style. Her stunning photography captures her subjects in the best possible light, while still capturing their day in a journalistic photography style. She travels all over the world photographing couples in the most amazing locations and her Instagram will get you falling in love with love.

Do yourself a favour and feast your eyes on Cassandra’s Insta.

5. Ephemeral Creative

This team will have you going gah gah over wedding photos and their heart-felt photography. Offering photography and cinematography with a team of 3 talented creatives, you will be assured they will have your whole day covered. Their beautiful style and ability to capture raw emotion, as well as more posed shots, means you will have diversity of photography across your special day.

You can say hi to the team here on Insta.

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