The young and vibrant team behind Universal York love being a part of the local creative community. Sharing the love is very important to them, which is why they donate 5% of all of their profits to charities to support those in needs #humansforhumans

They love quality people, good times and creating rad and unique things. They value quality over quantity, both in people and products.

Universal York are all about ‘collaborating’. Two minds are way better than one, and you as a couple are very much involved in the creative process of your wedding film when working with them. The heart behind every one of Universal York’s projects is to create something unique and inspiring, and above all have a good time while doing it!

They say ‘Life should be lived either (hell yeah!) or not at all’



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Wedding films was a happy accident for Jasper and Ruby Visions whilst they had already been creating films for businesses, they had been resisting the urge to film weddings. And thank goodness for us they finally gave in!

They are continuing to challenge themselves and bring the unexpected to wedding films and we absolutely love what they’ve been creating!



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Anchored Cinema are a boutique film production house specialising in cinematic wedding films. The business was built from a collective of like-minded creative souls with a passion for cinematography and filmmaking.

As a creative bunch of story tellers they not only understand how important your special day is, but how meaningful it can be to capture entirely the first step of your journey of everlasting love.

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