Film Stars at A Darling Affair

We were lucky enough this year to have not one, not two, but THREE amazing videographers at our recent Sunshine Coast Fair.  These people are not only creative but they are also a lot of fun and we LOVED chatting with them all on the day.  We can pretty much guarantee you that you’ll not only be rewarded with a super high quality, creative and unique wedding film if you book one of these guys – but you’ll also have a VERY fun day if you let them play a little part in your wedding.  Promise!

Thanks to When Elephant Met Zebra for the cool pics of our film stars – Jasper & Ruby, BXC SMXTH PRODUCTIONS and Lester and May

ADASC2014-040 ADASC2014-047-2 ADASC2014-092 ADASC2014-093 ADASC2014-254 ADASC2014-255



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