Fantastic Florists

Maybe I’m a flower addict but to me flowers can evoke so much emotion! Whether it’s the colour of the flowers or the particular flowers themselves. Sunflowers make you feel happy and red roses make you think of romance and passion!

Florists now have the world at their feet when it comes to working with flowers whether they’re making a bouquet, a flower crown, a posie or a hanging floral arrangement. (Yes, those are quite common these days and are STUNNING)


One of our favourite florists is Skeleton & Leaf this talented lady not only does weddings and photoshoots on a regular basis but runs two retail stores on the Gold Coast but despite her crazy schedule she still manages to blow us away with some gorgeous, unique arrangements.

But don’t just take my word for it here are some examples of her work!

ADA-SS-GC-2015-123 Gold-Coast-Wedding-Photography_Bonita_012 MexiShoot_HOORAY_ShaneShepherdPhotography_LowRes (35 of 190) MexiShoot_HOORAY_ShaneShepherdPhotography_LowRes (44 of 190)


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