primula 1A Darling Affair Brisbane surely had loads and loads of floral creations to be inspired by. It was like your Grandma’s garden had exploded and was in full bloom. It was absolutely stunning.

Our florists really put on a show at the fair and there were even flowers that we had never seen before and displayed in the most unique way.

You will just love these wrap up images and we hope it inspires you to think outside the box and hook up with one of these creatives to transform your wedding day blooms into something beautiful rather than the traditional bouquet. Get creative! There’s magic waiting out there waiting to happen you just need to use your imagination and and a florist to bring it to life.


We just simply can’t get enough of Primula Floral Styling. Eliza the creative genius and brains behind the business traveled across the US of A, and picked up some very cool influences and ideas and it has flowed over into the way that she approached her floral styling.

Romantic, beautiful, free flowing, soft, rich, full of movement and texture. Eliza does not create an uptight stiff bouquet but one that wanders and leaves itself feel like the life has never been cut out of a flower.

We think her creations are magical and if you go and check out her website you will understand what we mean. If you want passion in your floral arrangements then Eliza is your lady.

primula 2 Primula 3 Primula 4 Primula 5 Primula 6


Well weren’t these lovely ladies a hidden gem! They created a bed of flowers and gosh did it look inviting enough to take a nap on and dream that you were a princess waiting for her prince charming to wake you up – but i’m sure all you gorgeous brides-to-be have already found your prince.

This design shows the creativity exploding from these ladies and they have wonderful personalities to match. They are ever helpful even with reaching out to many of our other vendors at the fair and adding a touch of floral class to their set ups.

We can’t wait to work with them again, and seriously you shouldn’t either. It the heat of the summer day at the fair they were all smiles and were so friendly to all our lovely guests. You want to have a florist that listens to what you want and the team behind Wedding Flowers & Coffee Cups surely does.

wf & cc 1 ww & cc 2 ww & cc 3 wf & cc 4 ww & cc 5


What a gorgeous outdoor table setting Leaf by Yentl created out on the lawns at the fair. Draping flower garlands, a hanging greenery installation and rich bold colourful flowers to match on the table.

Yentl gave you a taste of what she can do by the way of carrying a theme from the decorating to the dinner table and tie it in all together. Just like her arrangements, she is very calm, and relaxed. So if you want a florist who isn’t going to stress you out with your wedding day preparations Yentl is the lady for you.

leaf by yentl 1 leaf by yentl 2 leaf by yentl 3

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