Celebrate good times come on!

Yep this is the biggest celebration of your life. You found the one and they found you! What’s the chances of that?! It’s actually pretty awesome when you stop to think about it.

Time to make it official! So your going to need one of these: A Celebrant!

So here’s A Darling Affair’s check list for celebrants:

–  listens to your wishes and doesn’t go off on a tangent.

–  is just as invested in the moment as you both and often sheds a tear

–  is about you as a couple and not a performance about themselves.

– is down to earth and genuine and just plain awesome.

Get a celebrant that you like – you may just need a celebrant for a future date….wink wink.. they often do baby namings too 🙂

These guys stole our hearts at The Wedding Festival and we hope they steal yours too!


Candice Wilson – Marriage Celebrant

Candice just feels like “home” to us. Pull up a chair and you will feel her warmth. She’s one of those ladies that you you feel like you’ve known her forever. Her set up at The Wedding Festival spoke volumes about her. Sweet, personable and endearing.





Benjamin Carlyle Celebrant

If you want your husband to be feel comfortable then Benjamin Carlyle is your man. We have worked with Ben at a couple of fairs now. He is a family man with a tribe of kids and knows what it means to be committed.

Ben is a  guy who’s passionate about life and  who also loves a good surf. Chuck in a guitar and he can serenade the bride down the isle. He’s not cheesy, he’s actually ticks that down to earth box and has an awesome sense of humour.





Marriage Celebrant Ali

Ali is just plain cool. The end! Cool hair, cool vibe, cool beau – who she adores – who has an awesome beard. She has energy and spark and just loves weddings and being a celebrant is her dream job. You’ve gotta love someone who loves their job.

So if you think your a cool, artistic and adventurous fun loving couple  you have loads in common with Ali.

Ali’s tag line is: Throw your heart in front of you and dance ahead to catch it. Oooo we do like a lovely dance or two!


ali celebrant

ali - follow your heart

Do yourselves a favour and”Follow your heart” you darling lovers out there and visit the websites of these wonderful vendors with a click through here:


Sending love your way xxx

Images by: When Elephant Met Zebra








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