Capturing The Real Moments!


The amazing couple behind Lyndal Carmichael Photography are Lyndal and Jaydee! These guys are not only incredible photographers but also really lovely, joyful people! You’d be crazy to not want them around you on your special day!

With a fun comfortable approach to your day they ensure that they capture the real you, and as a self professed wedding crier and animal lover you can be sure that Lyndal will be wholeheartedly invested in capturing mind blowing images on your wedding day!

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Josie takes an amazing unique approach to photography preferring images of people being themselves during a real and un-orchestrated moment. Switching to film photography made her care about each and every shot in a way she didn’t when shooting digital. Her ultimate goal is to create images images which take you back to that very same time and place, photographs you can look at months and years later, and still bring a smile to your face!

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Convicted to telling people’s stories through the art of photography Miriam from Life is Beautiful Photography is a chaser of truth and authenticity. She aims to document real life from a story-telling perspective, incorporating her love of light, nature and all things vintage to tell your story.

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