But wait…there’s more! Introducing Tran…

For those of you who tuned in yesterday, you will have seen that we recruited a new “darling” – the lovely Emma McGee.

However, did we mention that next year is going to be a bit of a handful? Oh we did? Well you might not be surprised that when we received an email that included this video of her own wedding – that we simply could not let the lovely Tran get away from us.

Videography by our friends at Yellow Bull Media

And so we snapped her up! Tran will be joining us at our events as an extra set of hands on deck, and will also be lending us her experience as a recent bride ( a savvy, and creative one at that!). No doubt you’ll be hearing from her as she shares her tips and tricks as a contributor on our blog and social media as well.

Here is a little more about the lovely Tran from the lady herself:

My name is Tran and I’m a big dreamer. I just got married in August this year (2013) and had the best time spending it with my family, friends and of course the love of my life xx 
My hubby (hehe, I’m still getting use to saying that). We live with our little doggy Frankie. She is 2 years old, so cute and she sure knows it!
Frankie eyeing off my ice creamOur house is a mix-match of gifts, hand-me-down furniture and items collected at the markets over the years.
Me in a nutshell…
I love food, flowers, people who are honest, genuine and down to earth. I believe in using different colours, textures, fabrics, patterns, levels and light to create mood & style. I love to rummage through trash and treasure markets just because it’s exciting. I’m a little obsessed with the markets (any type, shape or form). I draw inspirations from random pictures, articles and magazines, my friends, my mentors, just about everything and anything. 
I’m super excited to be part of the Darling Affair team and am looking forward to some good times ahead 😉
And we are certainly excited to have her on board! Welcome to the team Tran xx

2 thoughts on “But wait…there’s more! Introducing Tran…”

  1. I loved watching Tran and Anthony’s video. Anthony’s vows and the smiles on each of the bridesmaids faces and Trans face as they walked to the ceremony are absolutely gorgeous!

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