We are stoked to bring you the final instalment in our Photography wrap up blog posts from our Brisbane Fair.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been telling you guys how important it is to do your homework and find a photographer who has a style that you fall in love with on first sight.  But also, just as important, that photographer needs to follow up their incredible style with a fun-loving and down to earth personality so that you feel super comfortable and happy in front of the camera on your big day.

It’s a tough gig trying to find the perfect photographer but we’ve whittled it down to some of Brisbane’s best for you guys and we had them all at our fair!


We’re not sure what we love most about Ryder… his infectious smile, laugh and personality, or his incredibly beautiful and candid photography style.

His photos are joyful and spontaneous.  There are no orchestrated scenes and no cheesy poses.  He is a master at capturing those moments in the day that you might not even realise or remember happening.

Ryder was actually a musician in a past life (before he discovered his love for photography) so that artistic vibe runs deep in his veins and we love it.

ADA-BNE-2015-S2-057 ADA-BNE-2015-S2-055 ADA-BNE-2015-S2-053



If you’re looking for a lovely, down to earth photographer with a unique eye for beautiful details then look no further.

We love the style of photography favoured by Cassandra and especially find ourselves drooling over her black and white images.  They are seriously swoon worthy.   She has travelled the world capturing images and telling people’s stories and she is a level 10 expert in capturing real emotions & all of those raw & intimate moments.

ADA-BNE-2015-S1-075 ADA-BNE-2015-S1-080 ADA-BNE-2015-S1-077



Jason and Sally from Studio Sixty have been a part of the A Darling Affair family for a little while now and we just love their creative, natural and candid photographs.

They are a fun loving husband and wife team and when they’re not taking gorgeous wedding images you’ll probably find them off bike riding, eating good food or playing with their adorable dog Crinkle (just check out their instagram page and you’ll see what I mean about Crinkle).

These guys also make gorgeous albums with all those images captured on your big day – we’ve seen their albums and trust us, they are gorgeous!

ADA-BNE-2015-EX-039 ADA-BNE-2015-S1-071 ADA-BNE-2015-S1-072



For more info on all the amazing photographers we showcased at our Brisbane fair, be sure to head straight on over to the BRISBANE DIRECTORY.

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