We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again… Photographers play SUCH an important role in your big day.  After months (years?) of planning and building excitement it all boils down to one amazing day.  The last thing you want is a photographer you feel uncomfortable with because it really shows in your photos.

You want someone who is cool, calm, collected and a lot of fun too.  Someone who makes you feel at ease and is able to capture those candid moments without being all up in your face all day telling you how to stand and where to look.   You want to look back at your photos and feel like you’re actually looking at yourself in your most beautiful state, not some weird version of yourself who stands with one leg slightly forward and your head tilted at a strange angle.

And after its all said and done… you guys are officially a Mr & Mrs, your guests have gone home, the cake has been destroyed and there are some mysterious food stains on your dress… the photos are really the only thing left for you to look back on and remember your day.  So you want them to be awesome!



This guy loves life and when you meet him his warmth and fun and passion for photography completely ooze out of him.   He also takes insanely beautiful photos.  They are candid and moody and he does an awesome job at getting your personality to shine through your images.

Not only is this guy a great photographer, but he also has a pretty cool outlook on life in general.  Basically, he wants to help people to be happy and wants to make a difference in the world. He supports those who are actively changing the world for the better, rescuing orphaned/vulnerable kids around the world to see them grow up healthy and to their full potential.

Seriously.  I told you this guy was cool.

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Ok you’ve heard us rave about these guys time and time again.  We obviously love them because we keep working with them!  Brian from WEMZ also shot the wedding for one of our own Darling’s last year so we can’t give a much bigger recommendation than that!

Brian’s passion is film photography and we think that’s awesome and gives him a pretty cool and unique edge.  Film photos have this soft and timeless appeal to them.  He is constantly seeking out natural light and incredible scenery and he uses an approach that combines fine art and editorial fashion styles.

He LOVES what he does and is a real perfectionist when it comes to getting the best images for his couples (and who doesn’t love a perfectionist!?).   He’s also a pretty cool guy and lots of fun to hang out with… so there will be none of that weird awkwardness on your wedding day.

Hopefully you guys met him at his stall at the fair!

ADA-BNE-2015-S3-016 ADA-BNE-2015-S3-009 ADA-BNE-2015-S1-035



Woohoo we LOVE Callie from Florido Weddings!  She is one cool chick and we love her funky, fresh and raw style when it comes to photography.   Callie shoots the most amazing documentary style weddings (perfect for you guys who hate having to pose) and the end result is always pretty breathtaking.

She also says that she comes with a built in stress absorber specifically designed for weddings which is a pretty big bonus if you ask us… She’s fantastic at helping you relax in front of the camera and getting you to look your best.

Also she loves wine.  And I love wine.  So I think she’s pretty cool.

She did an awesome job creating a modern and funky stall for our Brisbane Fair – you guys obviously agreed because you voted her in for third place in our best stall competition!

ADA-BNE-2015-S3-073 ADA-BNE-2015-S3-076 ADA-BNE-2015-S3-077



For more info on the Photographers who hand chose for you guys be sure to head on over to the BRISBANE DIRECTORY.

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