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My Name is Ange and I am the girl behind Love Note Personalised Song Writing, singer/songwriter and let’s face it, absolute hopeless romantic.

Being a reader of this blog it may be safe for me to assume that you want your day to be popping with personality. You are all about creating a wedding day that is uniquely yours, a day that reflects you; your love, your tastes, your style, your individuality and most importantly your hearts. Yay for you! I say because we too are passionate advocates for the personal touch.

We can’t help but believe it is those thoughtful details we remember most, the things that leave us smiling when everything else fades away. Your wedding, your proposal these are occasions in your life that will stay with you forever and we love working closely with our clients to keep the memory of that feeling alive forever.  It’s true what they say about music: we never forget a melody that touches our hearts – the feeling of that song stays with us forever.

We write, produce and sing YOUR song, which can also be a gift/bonbonniere for your guests to keep forever in the form of a beautifully designed cd.


Shanna and Darren are also passionate advocates for the personal touch. We met these two love bird’s at ‘A Darling Affair’ last year when they were searching for unique and sentimental inspiration for their wedding day.

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Alex and I were invited to write, record and travel to their STUNNING wedding on Heron Island to perform the original song we composed for their wedding day and provide the entertainment for their reception.

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In creating a song for you we like to get you to write about your love in a questionare.

Shanna & Darren’s song “These Two Hands” was the result.

The inspiration for the songs concept and structure came mostly from Darren (quite ironically as he had very little in the way of answers in his questionnaire;).


I soon came to realise that Darren was not the type to make a fuss with words, his love was a love of action, etched in all the things they  ‘do’ for each other, and especially the lengths Darren would go for his “Little Yanna”.

Darren’s ‘two hands’ became the personification of this concept.


Meeting Darren and reading about him in Shanna’s answers, painted a picture of a man with the integrity to act on his love, to step up and show his feelings and do everything he could possibly do to make her feel like she was the only one in the world for him.

What I loved about these two is that they never seem to take each other for granted. Their love was so easy. Shanna feels like they were meant to be but you would not see either of them leaving anything to ‘the stars’ as the last two line’s of their song explains…

d & s chees

Some words from Shanna and Darren Menwaring

  ‘Our Song’ a moment and memory we will both never forget.  Listening to our song for the first time with our family and friends brought so much excitement to our day and will always be a favorite memory of ours.  There were many things that made our day special but this was by far the highlight.

When I started planning our wedding day, I was constantly searching for that something different.  I’m one for uniqueness and I like to be different so the concept of having a song written about our own love story really stood out for me.

I was in complete awe by the way Ange was able to so perfectly capture our love story and interpret it so wonderfully, she really understood us. 

I couldn’t believe that she could write such beautiful words about the love two people have for each other from a set of interview questions and bring it all together in such a beautiful song.  A song that we will always be grateful for, an amazing reminder that we can listen to at any time to take us back to our wedding day and reminisce of the best day of our lives. 

darren teary


“These Two Hands “

There’s nothing I could say
Take those silly words away
Cause you know how much I love you

See it in everything I do

Everything I do …

Our romantic nights, a sneaky sweet surprise

When I hold your pretty eyes by candlelight

Cause you deserve the very best
So with these two hands I’ll pass this test

Everything I do …

There’s nothing more to say
I don’t keep no pretty words as trade
You’ll never need to wait for hints and clues

I’ll do everything I can for you

Everything for you

Your infectious smiles make me feel so free
You love keeps me grounded yet so upbeat
A more gentle heart I’ll never find
Thank god your two hands found their home in mine

Everything we’ll do …

My little Yanna we’re finally together (everyday you’ll know) Cause I’ll do what ever it takes to see you smiling forever

There’s so much I could say,
Your love beats Vegas any day
Cause you two hands are all I’ll ever need

To be the best I can be

Everything you do …

There’s nothing else to say
I live my love for you each day

Never any need to complicate

Our love is so easy that way

Everything we do …

Words could always say that we’re meant to be
But it’s with our four hands that we’ll build our dreams.

d & s i do

A special thank you to Shanna and Darren for allowing me to sharing their words, photos and love song.

Ange xx

To hear the sweet sounds of our dear Angela we will have a delightful recording playing at the Gold Coast Wedding Fair to keep your feet light and cheery.

Angela will be playing LIVE at the Sunshine Coast Wedding Fair August 1Oth.

We can’t wait to hear her voice all over again.

Photography by Emma Nally

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