Self proclaimed sisters from other misters, Alyce and Colette are the ultimate photography team.

Describing their work as a joy-filled job, these high school besties are able to work in efficient harmony, allowing couples to enjoy quiet moments together on their wedding day. Both recently married, they know how important it is to honour their clients and support them along their planning journey.

Alyce and Colette Photographers thrive on authenticity and connection. Constantly striving to induce goosebumps, happy tears and laughter from their work, both as they are shooting and when people see their images. Believing that their work as wedding photographers is a privilge, they feel humbled to be asked into a couples intimate moments, documenting images in a family’s collective history.

Also offering the unique service of Fusion Videos, Alyce and Colette Photographers are able to combine cinematography and still images, not readily available through all companies.

With four years of wedding and portraiture experience, these lovely ladies tick all the photography boxes. Be sure to come and meet them at our Brisbane Wedding Festival on January 30th, 2016 and stop by and say hi to them on their Facebook page.

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