A Warehouse Wedding

We know most of our “Darling” followers are creative souls. Couples who are looking for something different and personal.

Rabbit & Cocoon (aka Miami Marketta) is where Emma, co-manager runs this awesome venue.  Emma knows the ins and outs of the venue and she just oozes creativity.

Why not have your wedding at the place that you already have a deep connection with? Emma and Clayton’s wedding was one that represented their true selves. Warehouse done wedding style!





The great thing is that no one wedding will ever be the same in a warehouse!

Warehouses give you freedom in which you and your lucky loved one to be can be like artists and decorate the empty space to your liking.

Or you can simply hire one of our awesome stylists to do it for you!

Come and meet The Collector & Co, Retro in the Rough, Lovestruck Weddings & Events or last but not least The Palace & Co and view the venue on Friday 21st February, 2014: A Darling Affairs Gold Coast Wedding Fair.

Tickets on sale soon!





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