A Special Thank You to One Of Our Favourites!

Here at ADA HQ there is always a flurry of things happening behind the scenes.  Between the three of us, the ADA machine rolls on every day of the week, churning out pretty things for our Darlings to feast their eyes on.   What you probably don’t realise, is that we have a select bunch of incredibly talented people who work their butts off to ensure we have the best of the best to show our Darlings.  One of the hardest working, and most talented would be Brian from When Elephant Met Zebra (WEMZ).

WEMZ joined us at our Sunshine Coast Fair in 2013 and fast became a good friend of ADA.  We loved his enthusiasm, his ridiculously fun Photo Booth and his swoon worthy photography skills.  Before long, we had signed him up as our official photographer for 2014.   WEMZ is for the fun, romantic & creative people out there. They love to play, love to dream and love to create the impossible.  They know how to cut through the clutter and capture a rare and special moment.  We’ve seen Brian work a few times now and his passion for his work is contagious.  Every time we see the photos from our shoots or events with Brian we feel like kids on Christmas Day… we are constantly faced with the problem of having too many awesome photos to chose from (a problem we LOVE to have!).   We love his work so much that our own Darling, Emma, has booked him as her wedding photographer this year!

We’d like to send a big warm and gooey THANK YOU to Brian for all of his hard work so far this year!

If you haven’t checked out When Elephant Met Zebra yet then do yourselves a favour and put this task at the top of your to-do-list.  Here are some of our favourite shots so far…

ADA-096 ADA-103 ADA-113 ADA-136 ADA-150 ADA-159 ADA-247-2 ADA-324 ADA-336 ADA-361 ADA-398 ADA-407 ADA-419 ADA-534


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