Ok you’ve heard us rave about this guy time and time again.

The incredible Brian from WEMZ is not only our amazing official event photographer, and the awesome photographer behind all of our beautiful photoshoots but is also a wedding, portrait and editorial film photographer. And we absolute love him and his awe-inspiring work to death! 

Brian’s passion for photographing people with raw beautiful film with his beloved medium format cameras is one of many things that sets him apart from the crowd and gives his photography a beautiful timeless feel.


This guy loves what he does and never settles for second best when it comes to getting amazing images of his couples. His combination of fine art and editorial style has us constantly crying out for more!

In addition to all that he’s an all round great guy who’s tonnes of fun to hang out with so none of that awkward small chat, we promise!

Head on over to Hello May to win tickets and see more of Brian’s work!

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When destination weddings became a popular request for Travelshoot — they were lucky enough to have a majority of experienced wedding photographers.

And the best bit about hiring a Travelshoot photographer is they are locals – so they know exactly where to go to get the best shots on your special day.

Travelshoot destination wedding photography ranges from $1500 AU to $5000 AU depending on your location and your requirements.

The beauty of Travelshoot is that they have a network of photographers, so they can match your preferred style and budget based on your photography needs!



Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast’s Hinterland, Bonnie’s work is concerned with what lies in the peripheral vision of the everyday, observing the beauty and intrigue of the multi- faceted environment that surrounds us.

She draws inspiration by the combination of nature and the lens, exposing the wonder within nature. This fascination with shifts in perspectives, explains her attachment to the mediums of photography and video.

Both mediums are used to represent reality yet simultaneously have the ability to undermine this visual ‘reality’ by using in-camera techniques and minimal post-production. It’s all about appreciating the very real environment we live in and the magic of the optical instrument at capturing these elements in a unique but very real way.

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