A Darling Friend: Luna Makeup and Beauty

Keepin’ it Real…
A good friend of ours is making the long journey north from Sydney, to our beautiful Sunshine Coast region, just for our upcoming fair. As our guest Ami, of Luna Makeup and Beauty, will be joining our beauty parlour crew and working her makeup magic on our models. Ami is a Sydney based makeup artist that loves sunshine, chocolate and collecting nail polish. You can usually find her late at night on Pinterest. Here’s a little more about Ami and her passion for makeup artistry…
It’s taken me a while to find my ‘thing’. The thing in my life that makes me happy, gives me something to look forward too and gets me excited when I think about it. It’s amazing how doing something that you love can change how you feel and makes looking towards the future a little bit more exciting.
With over 10 years experience in the fashion, health and beauty industries and after being stuck in a retail rut for WAY too long, I decided that I needed a change. On a whim, and with the encouragement of my awesome husband, I enrolled in a makeup course, passed with honours and the rest is history.
I remember the way I felt on my own wedding day, it was so amazing and so special and I absolutely LOVE looking back through the photo’s. I want to help make your day special whether its for your wedding, formal or just a day to make yourself feel great. Luna is all about keeping it real. Real makeup and beauty for real women.

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