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BeniaminoBeni, Fuse and Samantha, Sammy, Cochrane get excited by many things — travel and adventure, friends, good times and great hospitality But above all, they love to eat!  The pair first met at Brisbane institute Beccofino, where both have spent considerable time honing their skills, Beni in the kitchen and Samantha as a jack-of-all trades, front-of-house extrodinaire.

Their Mangia Mangia journey began when the two returned to Benis native Italy in 2014, where they ate their way around every back street and corner of his vibrant home town, Gallipoli.  Back in Brisbane, unable to leave their food adventures behind, Beni and Sammy decided to bring the traditional dishes from the south of Italy to the Australian lifestyle and serve it up with a little character.  And so, they hit the road,  flung open the window of their van and Mangia Mangia Street Goods was born.
Sharing a love food that is humble, simple and yet delicious, Mangia Mangia use only the best and freshest ingredients. Beni’s home town classic, Panzerotti, is a favourite – soft dough, filled with home made napoli sauce and torn, soft mozzarella, folded, fried and eaten by hand. Just the way it should be.
For Beni and Sammy, eating is essential to any good time, they take the staples of great Italian food and mix it with the best ingredients of Australian lifestyle. Mangia Mangia is a celebration of community, festivals, outdoor living and fun. Share in the goods, be a part of the adventure and Mangia – Eat!
Come and try their mouthwatering dishes for yourself at this Saturday’s Brisbane Wedding Festival. Held on  January 30th and hosted by the Brisbane Racing Club, don’t forget to grab your tickets!
For more on Mangia Mangia Italian Street goods, visit their website or find them on Facebook.

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