Meet the new owner of A Darling Affair

For those of you who have been involved with A Darling Affair, my face would be a familiar one to you. Since the early days helping out with A Darling Affair many years ago and running my own bridal beauty business The Beauty Case, it is my greatest honour to be now taking over the reins here at A Darling Affair HQ and it feels so good to finally tell you all! 

From the very beginning I have been this beautiful events number one fan. I have loved it. I have loved the new friends made, the showcasing of amazing vendors and more importantly, helping Brides and Groom’s in South East Queensland find their very own wedding dream team. 

I’m so looking forward to having a wonderful fair in November at The Brisbane Racing Club and putting on a stylish event for all of you to enjoy and be inspired by. This one will be bringing some new offerings to the table, full of your favourite vendors! On that note… if you are a vendor, you will want to get in quick as some of our vendor categories are already filling up! 

Stay tuned as we launch our BIGGEST event ever, and join in for the ride! Don’t forget to check in here for our weekly blog and follow along on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and PINTEREST

Wedding Cakes at A Darling Affair

Who can resist a taste testing sample of a wedding cake? Not me! You can usually find the A Darling Affair team in the recovery room after our big events eating chocolate cake. We are treated to all the left overs. Those are the perks.

We had some AMAZINGLY talented wedding cake designers at The Wedding Fair who you must simply look up – The Sweet Spot and Coast Wedding Creations.They take great pride in their cakes and have experienced eating wedding cakes that look great on the outside but not so yummy on the inside. A total let down.Perfecting their art in flavour AND appearance. They want you and your guests to end the night off begging for a second piece of cake.

So that i stop wishing that a chocolate mud cake is right in front of me, here’s what we are talking about with pictures from The Wedding Fair by When Elephant Met Zebra.



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Photographers at A Darling Affair

We were SO excited to showcase our Sunshine Coast Photographers this year… these guys are the cream of the crop and we couldn’t be happier to have welcomed them into the A Darling Affair family.  We’ve heard that lots of you have booked your photographer from our fair – woohoo!  If you are still looking, then stop everything right now and check out the websites of these superstars… we promise you’ll love them as much as we do!

Thanks to When Elephant Met Zebra for photos of their own stall (haha) along with the great photos from the stalls of Ryder Evans, Willow and Sage, Studio Sixty Photography and Shane Shepherd.

ADASC2014-001 ADASC2014-016 ADASC2014-067 ADASC2014-069 ADASC2014-106 ADASC2014-107 ADASC2014-219 ADASC2014-221 ADASC2014-422 ADASC2014-426



The Photobooths at A Darling Affair

It’s an understatement to say that we LOVE photo booths! They brought such a happy vibe to The Wedding Fair on the Sunshine Coast.

To run a photo booth company you need to have some cool props, awesome backgrounds and be a totally rad person yourself so that if the wedding guests are a little shy you can help shake their nerves and show them a few poses to help get them started.

All our photo booth companies at The Wedding Fair have different booths which makes them unique. Here’s the behind the scenes sneak peak photos from When Elephant Met Zebra from of their set ups and our guests having fun in them!

In order The Photobooth Guys, When Elephant Met Zebra and Caravan of Smiles.


ADASC2014-117 ADASC2014-121 ADASC2014-118 ADASC2014-115

ADASC2014-008 ADASC2014-006 ADASC2014-009 ADASC2014-010 ADASC2014-018 ADASC2014-020

ADASC2014-537 ADASC2014-538 ADASC2014-539 ADASC2014-543

Stationers at A Darling Affair

We have something we need to admit to… over here at ADA HQ we are all stationery addicts.  It’s true.  If we’re not working hard at bringing wedding fairs to life then you can usually find us scouring the net and our local shops for all kinds of wonderful stationery. We own more stationery than the normal person would ever probably need.  But we wouldn’t have it any other way.   The Stationers who we had lined up for our recent Sunshine Coast fair REALLY made us excited.  They all ooze with uniqueness and creativity… they had so much pretty on display that it was a bit of a sensory overload for us…

Without further adieu we’d love to show off some photos (thanks When Elephant Met Zebra!) of the amazing stalls created by Maytide, Gemma Lauren Invitations, With Love Stationery and Design and Cartamodello.


ADASC2014-032 ADASC2014-037 ADASC2014-096 ADASC2014-103 ADASC2014-245 ADASC2014-246 ADASC2014-385 ADASC2014-386



Film Stars at A Darling Affair

We were lucky enough this year to have not one, not two, but THREE amazing videographers at our recent Sunshine Coast Fair.  These people are not only creative but they are also a lot of fun and we LOVED chatting with them all on the day.  We can pretty much guarantee you that you’ll not only be rewarded with a super high quality, creative and unique wedding film if you book one of these guys – but you’ll also have a VERY fun day if you let them play a little part in your wedding.  Promise!

Thanks to When Elephant Met Zebra for the cool pics of our film stars – Jasper & Ruby, BXC SMXTH PRODUCTIONS and Lester and May

ADASC2014-040 ADASC2014-047-2 ADASC2014-092 ADASC2014-093 ADASC2014-254 ADASC2014-255



Celebrants at A Darling Affair

You might be one of the lovely Darling’s who emailed us recently letting us know you booked your Celebrant at our recent Sunshine Coast fair… if so – virtual high fives coming your way!  If you are still on the hunt, then we can highly recommend one of these awesome people… they all brought their A Game to A Darling Affair and we can only imagine how much life, love and FUN they would bring to your ceremony…

Thanks to When Elephant Met Zebra for the images below of Lindsay Carroll, Joshua Withers, Erin Woodhall and Penelope Watson

ADASC2014-089 ADASC2014-090 ADASC2014-230 ADASC2014-235-2 ADASC2014-329 ADASC2014-330 ADASC2014-377 ADASC2014-380



Marquee Perfection at A Darling Affair

If you were one of the lovely Darling’s who joined us at our recent Sunshine Coast Wedding Fair then you probably would have noticed something veeeeeeery different this year… I’m talking about that big, beautiful marquee we had erected on the back lawn.  We filled it up with beautiful vendors and a gorgeous lounge area and then we created atmosphere with some sweet live music.  Mother nature joined the party by providing some warm winter sunshine and with all these forces combined – we had a spectacular new area for people to oooohh and aaaahhh over.

If you’re wondering where you can get your hot little hands on one of these magnificent marquees then head right over to Perry’s Hire.  These guys have been on the Sunshine Coast for more than 30 astonishing years now! We were so happy to welcome them to our fair this year and we were also very grateful for their assistance with bringing our marquee vision to life by adding gorgeous silk lining and amazing chandeliers!   Here are some images of our models hanging out in the marquee area from When Elephant Met Zebra.

ADASC2014-179 ADASC2014-188 ADASC2014-194



Introducing some very SPECIAL-TY vendors!

Wild Heart


In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do?

We plan and coordinate awesome weddings!  We have a fresh, fun and professional approach to wedding planning and can offer as much (or as little) help as you need.  You might also know of us as Little Owl Events – we’ve just gone through a BIG re-brand and A Darling Affair will be our first public outing as Wild Heart Weddings, so we’re pretty excited to show everyone the new look.

What is it about weddings that you love so much?

The ceremony, the speeches and the dancing.  We are usually pretty involved in our client’s lives that by the time the wedding day rolls around we feel like we’re watching our friends get married, so there are usually always a few sneaky happy tears during the ceremony and speeches.  And the dancing – who doesn’t love it when one of the groomsmen decides to do the worm in his boxers and bowtie only!?

This gig gives pretty good job satisfaction – there aren’t many jobs out there where you get to work with people who are happy, excited and in love day in and day out.

What do you do in your free time?

Three words:

wine  |  cheese  |  music


Miss Poppins


In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do?

Miss Poppins is a boutique nanny & babysitting agency, focused on providing a unique service for those couples who wish to have children be a part of their big day. From kids tables, to age-appropriate activities, games and off-site babysitting in hotels or homes. We are there to make sure that Mum & Dad enjoy the wedding, knowing that their children are being entertained and supervised by fully qualified nannies.

What is the most unique thing you’ve seen at a wedding?

The brides best friends performing one of her favourite songs for her and the groom. Three talented singers, an acoustic guitar, a violin, and a very emotional crowd.

What do you do in your free time?

Plan lots of exciting ideas for Miss Poppins, eat yummy food, explore and spend time with my wonderful boyfriend.


Don’t forget to check out these speciality vendor websites for more info on these awesome services:   |


Rainy day love films

It’s been a beautiful rainy day here in not so sunny Queensland, whatever you do DON’T turn on the TV – grab a blanket, snuggle up with your sweetie pie and watch these gorgeous loved up couples brought to you by some amazingly talented film makers from the Gold Coast Wedding Festival.

You may even have a tear or have a giggle whilst your watching…we don’t know what you’ll feel because there are sooo many awesome emotions that happen when “LOVE” is involved.

Now that’s a lovely Sunday evening we’d say…


Yellow Bull Media

Dots-DividerMoose & Co. Wedding Videos

Dots-DividerSave The Date Wedding Cinematography

Dots-DividerJasper and Ruby Visions


Tick something off your planning list tonight and email one of these talented crews to join in our your wedding day and preserve it forever on film.